How to see your current achievements

From the Map, go to the Achievements menu tapping on the badge on the far right. 

You can redeem credits or tech points for each achievement you complete.

Achievement list

  • Galaxy Saviors 
    Complete the first screen eager to continue playing.

  • Lab Intern
    Buy an upgrade in the upgrades screen, the Tech Lab.

  • Breath of the Wild
    Find the hidden Korok in 'Call to action'

  • The Guardian
    Don't lose any confused guardian in 'Echoes of Madness'

  • Hoth Maneuver
    Destroy the stolen Mechas on the Great Heist mission in under 3 minutes.

  • Ashes to Ashes
    Kill 1 Phoenix in mission 4: The Great Heist.

  • Mr Fence
    Beat mission Prision Break without losing a single Fence.

  • Towering
    Beat' 'High Hold' by building only 1 type of Defensive Tower.

  • The Transporter
    Escort Sophos to safety without capturing any Crystal Henge.

  • Suicide Squad
    Free the Emissary on Sword of Damocles mission without building a single Refinery.

  • From the Deep
    Find and interact with the swampy creature in mission Sword of Damocles.

  • Do you want to kill a snowman?
    Destroy 5 snowmen in mission 12: Battle for Borealis.

  • Monster Hunter
    Kill a void Prowler in less than 10 minutes.

  • The Last of Them
    Have all Maluhia natives reach safety without any of them dying in the mission "Independence Day".

  • Handle with Care
    Beat 'Paradigm Shift' without any ancient cocoon taking damage.

  • Robot in disguise
    Find the infiltrating robot in mission Unthinkable.

  • The Boy in the Iceberg
    Find the Air Nomad and release him from his ice prison in the mission Plant Clousure.

  • Outer Wilds
    Clear at least 3 missions in Frozen terrain.

  • Monopoly
    Beat the mission 'Killing Grounds' with all refineries captured.

  • C: Human
    Find and interact with the remains of the robot couple in the mission Crimson and Present Danger.

  • Desert Express
    Defeat the Crimson Vulture's Leader.

  • Hold the Door
    Defeat Aart Ruin before he destroys the next to last barrier.

  • Altar of the Paragon
    Uncover and interact with the statue of the Empyrean hero, Paragon, in the mission 'Epiphany'.

  • Kill the Messenger
    Defeat the Dark Empyrean's Leader.

  • Endgame
    Defeat the Raad Leader.

  • Medal of valor
    Beat the game in Veteran.

  • Big Spender
    Purchase at least 5000 credits worth of items at the Arsenal.

  • Botanist
    Find all the different hidden plant creatures scattered across the galaxy.

  • Superheroes
    Get 2 Heroes to Max level.

  • Checklist
    Beat at least one of each Spec Op type missions.

  • Bodyguard
    Complete an Escort type Special Operation without the merchants taking any damage.

  • Help not needed
    Complete a Rescue type Special Operation without recruiting a squad.