When you sign in with Google Play Games, your Kingdom Rush Vengeance progress will be saved automatically. This means that you'll be able to pick up where you left, even if you uninstall the game or switch phones, as long as you use the same account and have a connection to the cloud.

Before you start

Make sure you have Google Play Games installed and updated.

Here's a troubleshooting for you to try

Open your game, go to the Options Menu, and check that Google Play save is enabled.
  • If not enabled, tap to enable Google Play

Once it's on, go back to the Options Menu. Tap Achievements

Select your profile image in the upper left. 

Google Play Games will open and show you your current profile
  • If this account doesn't match the account you were using previously:
    • At the top, tap More thenand thenSettings.
    • Under Your Data you'll see Change account for games
    • Select Kingdom Rush Vengeance, Change, and the desired Account

Close the game, and open it again from the Google Play Games Library

If you're still missing your progress

If you did not have these settings enabled and uninstalled the game, your save might have been deleted.
In that case, we can advance your game manually, although this will not return achievements, challenges or Hero levels. If you are still interested, send a ticket to our Support Team
  • Let us know what level you have reached. In our wiki you can find a list of all levels!