Your purchases should sync automatically as long as you're connected to the same Google Account. However, if you find you're missing your purchased Heroes or Squads, please follow these steps:

Before you start

Make sure you have Google Play Games installed and updated.

This is not required, but it does help with the sync.

Make sure you're logged in to the right account

To check your current Google Play Account:

  • Open Google Play Store appGoogle Play
  • Tap the circle in the top right corner. It will have your current account avatar or initials.
  • Your Current Account email address will be displayed on the top.
  • If needed, tap the down arrow and change to the correct account.

Check that Cloud Save is enabled

Open your game, go to the Settings menu, and make sure Cloud Save is ON. 

Restart the game

Close the game, and open it again from the Google Play Games Library

Didn't work? 

Send a ticket to our Support Team letting us know which google account you used for the purchases.

We'll fix this right away and do a manual restore for you.