There can be many problems that show the blue screen. Keep searching the list below.

Blue screen with "OpenGL error: out of memory" message.

Cause: the system does not have enough VRAM to run the game.

It looks like this: 


  • Play the game in lower image quality (HD instead of Full HD).
  • Reduce the resolution of your screen and the game.
  • Close other applications or games that might also be using VRAM.
  • Install updated video drivers from the GPU manufacturer.
  • See if your video card has some setting in the drivers or BIOS configuration to increase the VRAM.
  • Install a GPU with at least 512MB VRAM.


Blue screen with other message

Cause: it's probably a game bug

It looks like this: 

Solutions: please send the following info to our support email

  • a screenshot of the blue screen text that we can read
  • a brief explanation of what was happening in the game (level name or screen, hero, specific attack, etc.)
  • the version of the game (shown in the launch settings window or Credits screen)
  • OS version, GPU model and VRAM size.