When you purchase a Hero in any of our Kingdom Rush games, you'll be able to restore them even if you uninstall the game or switch phones, as long as you use the same account and are connected to iCloud.

Before you start

  • Have Game Center updated. Check for an update via Settings > General > Software Update

  • Review your App Store purchase history to make sure your purchase went through and that you're logged in with the same Apple ID you used for the order.

Manually restore your purchases

Open your game and find the Achievements icon in the settings option of the Main Menu

  • If you get a CLOUD SAVE OFF icon notification, tap it to enable Game Center

Once enabled, it will look like a blue ribbon

Tap the blue ribbon to see the Achievements Screen from Game Center

Go BACK and check that you're logged in with the same Game Center account you had used.

  • If necessary, change to your desired account at Settings > Accounts > Game Center

Open the game again and head to the Hero Room.
Tap Restore underneath each of the heroes you purchased.

If you're still missing your Heroes

Please send a ticket to our Support Team and let us know the steps you've already taken.
We'll do everything we can to help!