We have been investigating and concluded that this issue originates only in PCs with Radeon video cards. There are some fixes you can try to fix this. They might work.

  • Just drag the cursor to the right side of the screen till it can't be seen, bring it back and it's fixed. Sometimes you may need to do this a couple of times
  • Update Card Drivers
  • Turn on pointer trails
  • Open the magnifier app and leave it in the background

If this does not work try this:
  • Right-click on the desktop and go to the "Personalization" menu item
  • Select "Change mouse pointers."
  • When the Properties: Mouse menu appears, select the Parameters of the painter tab
  • On the visibility element, put a checkmark next to "Display the trace of the mouse pointer" and set the slider to a minimum.

Still need help?
Please send a ticket to our Support Team. Let us know the steps you've already taken, and we'll look into it!